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      This site is brought to you to help owners as well as renters. I wanted a website that was strictly for seeing available apartments, condos, vacation rentals... you name it, so I decided to make one. Owners now have another website to freely advertise their units, and renters have another place to look for the best deals on real estate. I am working on the website continuously and am open to any comments you may have.   

       It is free to post your listing(s) on ARentersList.com. There are also sponsored spots as well. The lists of units are updated within minutes of your posting them. The free postings rotate, and you are welcome to repost yours as soon as it is no longer displayed. The sponsored positions allow you to stay on top of the lists. 

       Of course none of this site's creation would have been possible without the help Padre Island Tech Services.  They were professional and had the site done within a few short days of discussing how to go about it. 

      In the past few years real estate has been growing rapidly, partly because of the populations' growth. There are many cases where people can not find homes when traveling to new cities; those people end up staying with family until they find a place. Many times it is months or in recessions quite a bit longer. Some of the cities highlighted here will allow people to easily post their requests, and find their new homes. Using the "Make a Posting" tab will allow you to get in contact with the person in charge of Sponsored Postings. They are very effective. Many of our clients are glad A Renters' List has paid/sponsored positions as well as keeping an option open to everyone. 

      The photos above are taken from those key cities in which real estate is especially hard to find rooms. The picture represent New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. If this website has helped you, please donate as it would help improve. 


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